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The exceptional cuisine Carleton Dining Services has to offer.

Our menu offerings reflect the latest food trends and demonstrate the talents of our in-house culinary team. Whether you select from our suggested menus or have a custom menu designed to meet your specific needs, Carleton Dining Services will deliver outstanding food and service.


Due to health regulations, Carleton University requires that the university caterer supply all food services on campus. After the event, any remaining food items provided must be removed from the event by the caterer and remain on campus unless otherwise authorized by the caterer.

All orders must be submitted 5 business days in advance of the event date. To cancel or change an event, 2 business days notice is required. All changes or cancellations must be submitted in writing. For any assistance you can reach out to the Catering Administrator (613-520-2600 ext 8310) or Catering Manager (ext 8024).

2. The guaranteed number of guests is required 2 business days in advance of the function. If Carleton Dining Services do not receive a guarantee, the original estimate will be taken as the guarantee. Billing will be for the guarantee or attendance, whichever is greater.

Ordering policy

Catering orders that are placed less then 2 working days in advance of the function will be subject to product and scheduling availability and a $50.00 fee per order will apply.

3. Equipment and props belonging to Carleton Dining Services are to be left in the room where the event has taken place. Customers may be charged for missing items from their event.

4. All food and beverage charges are subject to applicable taxes, and service charge may apply.

5. Please note that service and/or room rental charges may apply. Baker`s room rental is $282.25 and a food minimum order of $1.500.00 is required before Alcohol and room rental fee.

6. All Carleton University clients must submit Catertrax contracts through e-shop. Billing for your function is subject to credit approval by Aramark Canada Ltd.

7. A minimum order of $50.00 is required for delivered service. A delivery charge of $20.00 will be applied to all delivered catering functions under $150.00 subtotal (exclusive of tax).

8. Unless otherwise specified, all prices quoted include disposable service-ware. China service is available for an additional fee (full banquet with staff and china service $4.52/person).

9. Linen will be provided for the food service component of your event at no charge. If you require additional linen for other tables, a charge of $11.16 per piece of linen will apply.

10. Bar service is available at minimum cost of $172.00 for 4 hours of service (Set up time included). We require 14 working days advance notice for any event with a bar, as not all University locations are approved by our liquor license. All approved bar locations are listed below.

11. All alcohol service must be accompanied by an adequate amount of food to accommodate your guest count. Labor charges may apply: $23.58 per hour, per employee, minimum of 4 hours each for all events started before 4 pm and minimum of 5 hours each for all events started after 4 pm.

12. Deposits may be required in order to receive conformation of your event: 50% is required at time of booking, 25% three business days prior to your event, the remaining balance on the day of your event.

13. Weekend delivery charges (Saturday, Sunday) are $50.00 per delivery Minimum order required $100.00.

14. An extra labor charge will apply on any official Civic Holiday such as:

New Years Day

Family Day

Good Friday

Victoria Day

Canada Day

Remembrance Day

Civic Holiday in August

Labour Day


Christmas Day

Boxing Day






Approved Bar Location on Campus

University centre: level2: room 238A south east section
University centre:
level 2: south east centre section
University centre:
level 2: room 245 south west centre sect.
Commons Bldg:
main floor: room 148 north section
Commons bldg:
level 3: room 319 east section
Commons bldg:
Level 3: room 325 west section
Physical rec. bldg:
main floor: north east corner
Res. commons bldg:
level2 room 227-230
Res. commons bldg: level2 room 202 centre section
Admin. bldg:
level 6 north east section
Admin. bldg: room 610 F south centre section
Loeb bldg: tower A room 900 A north west section
St. Patrick s College:
level 3 room 329 north west section
University centre:
level 2 room 231 north west section
Mackenzie bldg:
level 3 room 314 west section
Hertzberg bldg: level 3 room 32l north west section
Admin. bldg:
Level 5 room 502 south east section
Tory bldg: level 3 room 236 centre section
Loeb bldg:
level2 room 236 south centre section
Ahs tower:
Level 20 room 20l7 south centre section
Architecture bldg: level 1 room 1l0 north west section
Rec. bldg:
level 3 room 331 east centre section
Paterson bldg:
level 4 room 433 west section
Arts tower:
level 11 room 1111 -A north west section

Architecture bldg: level 2 room 219 north east section
Herzberg bldg: level 5 room 536 south west section
Mackenzie bldg: level 3 room 357 north west section
Athletics Bldg:
level 3, room 303 north east section
St. Patrick s Bldg. Art Gallery - 1st level north section
St. Patrick s Bldg. - Art Gallery 2nd level north section
Main level two:
north centre section, Minto Case Bldg., Room #245
Minto Case Bldg.:
north east section area #201, 201 & 203
Third level: south west section, room #358, McKenzie Bldg.
Minto Building:
Balcony: Room 3021: third level
Minto Building: Balcony: Room 4021: fourth level
MacKenzie Building: Room 3324: B-Block
MacKenzie Building: Room 3457: D-Block
Architecture Building: Room 306: level 3
Architecture Building: Room 420: level 4
Commons Building: RoomZZ4: level 2
University Centre: 4th Floor North Section
University Centre:
4th Floor North Centre Section
Minto Case Bldg. Main Floor north east section outdoors